Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kyle 8/7/11

Hello Everyone,

So this week has actually been better than the past few as far as the missionary work goes.
We still haven't got the chance to go see kayla, but we really need to get that going! Because she seems like she really wants to learn! But, shes so busy with work and school also starts this week. So i hope we can get something going again with her. we shall see!!

We got a referal text from the MTC, someone in our area requested a book of mormon, so we instantly dropped what we were doing and headed over to his house. He said he had been to that "Cove fort" place in Utah?. i couldn't remember where it was. He said all he could remember is signing up for a free gift. So he really didn't even know that he was getting the book of mormon. But, we plan to try and take him a lamb of god dvd as well. SO maybe we'll get into his house this time.

Our main focus and success this week was updating our ward directory. By finding out who had all moved out of the ward. We have found this last week that over 15 families have moved out! So now we know not to waste our time assigning them home teachers! No wonder our ward turn out is so low! The people who should be coming aren't even there!! Crazy!

Today we're emailing at a widow members home, and doing laundry. Her husband loved cars! So she has like 10 different porche's and a ton of motorcycles to! i was like in heaven! i'm gonna head back out to her shop to look around more after my emailing.

The picture i sent of my desk was a few days before a p-day, where i got to finally buy a CD player to use. So now i do have one. Maren sent us a couple different CD's awhile back. As of right now, my companion will only let me listen to the church one! and no disney because he's so strict with it. Thanks for sending the package! i'm excited to get it!

I love you all! Thanks for the prayers and advice and everything!
Take it easy now!

love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

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