Friday, August 26, 2011

Why do missions fly by? Ames 8/22/11

So time is going by way to fast! honestly, we are 1/8th of the way through the mission already! idk if that seems that long to everyone else out there, but it went by so fast!
This week was just another week in the Gila valley. Not a whole lot going on. Exept the fact that i got no mail this week, NO MAIL! what is this peeps? haha jk its not that big of a deal. The campbell boys are getting ready for the baptism this week, we made them some invites, and have the program all set up. im so excited about it :D.
A fun little mission fact for you though, this next transfer, including the couple missionaries and the mission pres, we will have 230 missionaries in the mission! there weren't even that many when the mission was twice the size! its pretty crasy, the lord must have alot in store for the mission.
As far as obedience goes mom, im the most apostat missionary in the mish... not. haha we follow the rules alot closer then most of the other missionaries. but i guess we aren't perfect. on the other end of things though, you  have the 110% missionaries that are so obedient that they start making new rules and crap. its pretty lame. Elder sims was telling me that President Walker a while back said "You aren't on your mission to be obedient, you are here to save souls." so as long as we are using righteous judgment we are doing fine. which we do. :D
So funny story that happened this morning, i was reading in the new era, as i do sometimes, and i came across a photo of a bunch of young women. I just glanced at it and i thought one of the girls looked like Tori Leavett, so i looked a little closer, and it was! ha, So i scanned around the pictures and i recognised about 8 people that live up in diamond haha. the new era is from like 2006 so its a super old photo, but super funny!
Not a whole lot more going on, Transfers are this next week, so im not sure whats going to happen there. im pretty sure im going to stay for at least one more, im hoping its with elder sims, we have gotten along real well.
love you all!
> Elder Ettinger <

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