Wednesday, August 3, 2011

YO YO! Ames 8/1/11

So the yo yo subject line comes from one of my ward mission leaders, he always says yo yo or hey hey when we call him on the phone. And i guess while im on the topic, Last week dad mentioned about the mormon message about the two kids from Safford and thatcher high schools, im assuming that you read about it in the new era? if not go look in there cuz there is an article in there about it. I have seen the new convert kid at the local car wash where he works and where we get free car washes =D. also, The "Brother Palmer" that is mentioned is my ward mission leader, he is so tight, we went by his house this last week and milked his goats haha. That story is cool and all, but being here in thatcher you learn of the real story haha, the kid that baptized his friend as of right now isnt going on a mission, he is staying home for his girlfriend. . . .  like come on, there has to be some law written in heaven that is irrevocably decreed that you cant be in the new era and not go on a mission. what kind of example is he setting for his new convert friend, i would say a pretty bad one!... moving on. This week elder sims said, "This was the worst week for reporting numbers of my whole mission, but it wasnt the least productive" We only taught 2 lessons the whole week to our investigators, and both were at bobs. I'll talk about the campbells in a minute. So why was it a productive week you ask? well we are starting a new way at approaching the work in this area, We are teaching a short lesson to the members of our wards what we call the "Member Miracle lesson" Which basically challenges them to pray for a miracle to happen so that they can share the gospel with a less active or non member friend. it was from this lesson that we were able to start teaching bob a month and a half ago now, so we decided to take it to the next level, This past week we have taught said lesson to 19 diffrent families. and some of them chose to focus on more then one person, so there are like 25 diffrent people being prayed for in every family and personal prayer this week. and elder sims and i are praying with the families so we have a white board with all the names down that we have to read becasue there are too many names to remember :D we are so excited to see the miracles just start pouring in :D like i said we have taught it 19 times and we have at least 5 more this week and we call people every day to set up more appointments. So on to the campbell family, The boys didnt get baptized this last saturday, buzz kill. sister campbell told the boys on sunday that they needed to get permission from their dad to be baptized that next weekend, (Up to this point bro campbell said it was ok if they took the lessons and could honestly tell him that they had a testimony) well they went and asked and i guess he flat out said no and sister campbell told us not to come over for a week to give him some space, so we really have no idea what to do. a couple of families from the member lesson thing are praying for bro campbell, so we hope to see some miracles soon =/. On a more crazy coincidence note, we had dinner last night with the hatch family in our ward, check this out: They have a set of Identical twins, and yes, they were born ten weeks early. You think that is cool? well its not as cool as the fact that they have a daughter named maren!! spelled the same way! I was freaking out! and to put some icing on the cake, they know some people in our stake that kyle and i went to high school with. Robert and Raymand Patterson's family, yea the mom of this family lived next to the pattersons when they lived in Vegas. What the freak? So thats my fun little story for the week. We start doing some follow up appointments with the members this week ill let you all know what goes down!
Today for p-day we are going to Fry mesa, its a little mesa just south of the gila, The weather is always cooler up there, and we are going to go hike around a lake, and maybe do some fishing. and naturaly im going to have to skip some rocks =D. other then that though we usualy just play some basketball, which im not so good at but i like playing and getting better so its good too.;
Much love

> Elder Ettinger <

ps. Im so glad i just remembered this, Dont send any more mail to the cota appartments!!!!!! we now have a po box, but in order to stop having all these mail issues, just send the mail to the mission office in tucson. 

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