Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hello All - Kyle 8/1/11

Hello all,
So this week has been pretty much the same in the village ward, not much work going on. but a few cool things to report.
Our investigator kayla bailed on us, so we tried going back the next day to see if she was home! she was! but, we only got to chat with her for about ten minutes or so.
We are still trying to contact the less actives in our ward, and there are just hundreds to go through! its so crazy how not updating your ward directory wastes time for us as missionaries!
We have a cool family in the ward, a fomer bishop brother cannon. They're the ones i told you about a few weeks ago in an email, saying how they knew the snyders in our stake...
well, they're going back to st george in october, and i gave them our home address, so they could meet the parents of the missionary in their area. I was excited to tell them about where we live and how it would be legit to have them see you guys. Anyways, i'm planning on printing out some pictures to send home today after email time.
Today for p-day, we got to go on this sweet hike with a small waterfall and stuff! pretty exciting! and the weather was way nice!
Speaking of weather! we were taking a nap during lunch on a nice sunny day, and all the sudden i woke up to the loud thunder??.... Look out the window, and it was just dumping rain! it was super random! but it was nice to! because it helps cool off the desert! but, after the rain its always super gross and humid.
Elder Riley and i.... Not getting along as well as elder bowler and i. But, i think its my sarcasm that dad warned me about before going out on my mission. I'm trying not to joke around as much. To not offend him anymore than i probably have already. But, we're still doing our best to work hard and get lots of less actives visited!
Sorry this week doesn't have much to report! It sounds like everyone else is doing great!
Thanks for all of the support and love and awesome emails! its something i look forward to.
enjoy your week!, love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

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