Friday, August 26, 2011

Investigators who just walk into church? Sweet! Kyle 8/22/11

Hello there,

So this week has been a pretty big change for the village ward success that we've been having!
Earlier on in the week we got two referals from the sisters in the ward above us, they said that a couple just walked on in to church and was really interested in what was there for them. We got their address and called them up as soon as we could. We had our first lesson with them on tuesday! There names are Valerie and Lawrence, Valerie right off the bat of the lesson asked us when she would be able to get baptized! we told her that they would have to hear some lessons, and learn about the gospel before jumping right into getting baptized! Lawrence is super excited as well! and i'm super super stoked for how solid these two are gonna be! Recognizing the miracles  is so awesome!

This transfer has totally flown on by! I want to stay in this ward again so i can teach the 4 investigators we have now!
Elder riley and i are sorta getting along more, this past week has had some tough days but, i'm pulling through the rough spots.

Sounds like the Garden is in great abundance this year! keep up the good work on it!
I also enjoyed the picture of you guys going down the river! looks super fun! reminds me of the river trip ames and i went on as deacons with dads priest quorum.

Obeying the rules? I try my very best to obey every single mission rule! There are some that everyone has their own opinions about. But, i try and follow them all! 

My mission is the coolest thing ever! and i know there are little miracles here and there everyday! its so great!
Thanks for all the updates and prayers and support! You're all so great!

Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

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