Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kyle 8/15/11

Hello Everyone,

So this past week just flew on by! It was pretty awesome!

We went out tracting on wednesday morning and got into a house with a girl named katelyn, she seemed pretty interested in what we had to say! and we got to set up another appointment for this up coming thursday! so we're pretty stoked about it!

Our other investigator kayla, isn't super excited about us ever coming over, whenever we get in her house she's always busy and can't talk long, so we set up an appointment, and she keeps bailing on us! so we're just gonna give her some space to chill and we'll try and contact her again in a few weeks.

So i've become somewhat attached to a younger couple in the ward, he and his brother recently got married about 7 or 8 months ago. well, this past month BOTH of them are now single guys! i'm so ticked off! one of the brothers john, his wife just left one night and took all of her stuff and no one has seen her for the longest time! its so upsetting! we're gonna make occasional stops to their house and let them know we're there to help... oh and they're gonna be laying a whole back yard with sod soon!! Woo!! i'm so excited for doing that! Bishop has me well trained for it!

my companion and i have been getting along more and more as i keep my mouth shut more and more ha. He's just not a sarcastic person, and he always relates EVERYTHING i say to the gospel! basically to make me always feel quilty. oh well!

Sounds like everyone else had a blast on the river trip! i'm excited to see pictures of it! gotta love mail!
We're about to head out to get our hair cut! i'm gonna get mine cut as short as the mission standards allow.

have a great week everyone! you're all in my prayers! and missions are so fun!

Much love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

p.s we'll be 3 months this thursday! Party on!

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