Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Missionary Mail Ames - 8/8/11

Not a whole lot going on this week, as far as investegators go we are just the same as last week, although one of the campbell boys bore his testimony yesterday, i didnt get to hear it because i was in 5th ward, but elder sims said it was really cool, and the bishop later told us that his testimony answered some lady in the wards prayers! so that was pretty cool, Other than that we have just been doing some more member lessons this week, i think we got 13 more in. So at least the members are getting a little more excited about the work in the area. so just a few things that i wrote down to mention in my email this week: I broke a members chair at a dinner appointment this last week, i leaned over a little too far, and next thing I knew i was on the floor! haha, it must just run in the family. I also dropped my planner in the freaking toilet! and as kyle knows, your planner out in the field is pretty much your life. haha so i had to get a new one. good thing we were only a week into the transfer. So i was going to attach some pictures but since you want we to send some ill just do that instead, and then i can write some little notes on the back of them. Ill send you a good amount.
Thats pretty much it for this week, have a good one!
Love you all!
Elder Ettinger

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