Sunday, October 9, 2011

Kyle - Oct 3, 2011

Hello folks,

The past week  has been pretty good, not a whole lot going on. But i do have one really neat experience to share.
we were on exchanges last friday, and the spanish elder in our zone came to my area. His name is elder tenney, who is actually from richfield, UT. We were tracting friday morning while it was still somewhat cool outside. We finished tracting one big long street with only a few contacts and no return appointments. We then decided to try a new street. But before we drove down the street to scope it out. We decided to pray, and ask heavenly father to give us a blessing, to choose one house to knock on. so we finished our prayer and slowly drove down the road, looking at all the houses waiting for inspiration.
We got to one house and elder tenney and i glanced at it at the same time and said, in unison, "That one...". We immediatly pulled over and grabbed our bags, and ran up to the door. A guy opened it that didn't even live there. He was a worker that was fixing the house. We shared the message about the book of mormon. And he got really excited about it. We gave him a card, and he said he'd call the number to get the book of mormon. It was a pretty neat experience.

I really enjoyed reading the story about dad helping that person across the finish line, its always so fun when we are able to serve others unexpectedly. its one of my favorite parts of the mission so far.

Yes transfers are coming up this next week. I'm hoping to stay in the same ward, alot of the ward members want me to stay. But, i'll be happy with whatever happens. change is tough, but good in some cases.

Hope all is well in St George! i'm looking forward to see what you sent with miguelle. He's such a funny guy! He and his parents are the ones that want me to stay the most.

I love you all and hope everything is going well!
 Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger.

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