Monday, October 31, 2011

Kyle - Halloween

Dear Family,

Happy halloween everyone!

This past week has really been a slow one for sure! All of our appointments fell through! And most of our dinner families canceled on us as well! I guess there are alot of people getting some sort of flu. Everyones been calling in sick i guess you could say.

I'll bet the parents are excited for the trunk or treat? We had ours saturday night, and it was combined with two wards. super fun! And one of our less active families showed up and i asked them if they'd come to church the next day to hear me speak on the book of mormon. They said they would! and i was way stoked! However, sunday came, and i saw that the mom walked in the back, talked to a member, then went home. I Got the news after sacrament that their family had been robbed the night before, during the trunk or treat. And they had to deal with the police reports the next morning. But they said they WILL for sure come next sunday, the non-member dad told me this. So i'm excited for next sunday!

Senior Companion, has been a pretty easy job. i dont do anything different other than, drive the car, and report our numbers at the end of each week. We both take part in planning our days and stuff like un to it.

for p-day today we had a zone hike to bell mountain, My commpanion and i didn't go, because it would conflict with the time that we could email today. Which i dunno if we're even suppose to since its a holiday.

I'm excited for you guys to go to japan! Thats really exciting stuff!

i hope everyone has a good week!

Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

Kyle's shoe collection

Elder Kyle Ettinger and Elder Thorpe at trunk or treat

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