Friday, January 13, 2012

Ames 1/9/12

First of all, its really really crazy that we are already into 2012! i remember as a kid when we hit 2000 and how crazy that was! and that was 12 years ago! holy cow!
This last week has been a pretty normal week. We are kind of to the point where our area needs to be "Rebooted". We are setting our goals alot lower, and starting back at the bottom with hopes that, with time, we will get the area where it needs to be.
We were able to go on exchanges this week with the zone leaders, mainly because our area is struggling right now so they just wanted to see whats up and how they can help. So i went to the ZL area and spent the day there. I learned a TON! The best part included the whole day, in the morning during comp study we were planning out our day, and we decided to have an appointment with the lord. This is where you set a time to go tracting, and pray about where the lord has a prepared person at that time, and then both companions look at a map of the area and select three streets each as directed by the spirit, without the other person seeing. After both have got their three, you compare what streets you chose. We both had one street in common :). We went and tracted out that street at the set time, and we had few people answer the door, and those who did were quick to turn us away. We walked toward the very last door on the street, and it looked pretty empty, and we couldnt see any cars. But instead of saying something I kept that to myself and just walked to the door with faith. Turns out there was a car, it was just around the other side of the house. A younger lady answered and we had an awesome first contact. She accepted a Book of Mormon, and a return appointment for the next week! It was super awesome! It built my faith so much! I learned how effective planning and strict obedience to the rules can bring amazing miracles to an area, that day we taught a total of 5 lessons and set a date with one investigator and got that new as well. This last saturday was a day that will change the rest of my mission.
We also got a new gator that day as well, but since i wasnt there i dont know anything about her. So i will update you on that next week after we meet with her again.
I had a dream last night that kyle and I went on exchanges, so we were companions for the day! ha it was super fun. This morning i was thinking about it, and what would happen if kyle and i were comapanions? I think it could go either way. We could probibly teach super well together, using our twin telethapy. But at the same time i think we would joke around a ton! but i think the former outweighs the latter :D
Glad to hear all is the same at home. Props on all the Exercising. My program is doing well. I have seen improvments, small but they are there!
Love you all!
Elder Ettinger

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