Thursday, January 19, 2012

On the climb Ames 1/17/12

So this week has been, as the subject line shows, and upward trend in our area. We were able to teach more member present lessons this week than we have for a long time, and we were able to get a new investigator that has been coming to church with his grandparents for at least three or four weeks! So we are super excited about that! Man i love the mission!
Sounds like this last week has been a fun one for everyone. Im still trying to go strong on the work out program, i am seeing my reps increase so that helps me want to continue forward.  
Yes dad i live in the middle of no where. It would be uncommon not to have Cyotes running around at night. Cool story though!! well cool to me at least. Our land lords just got a pony!! She is so cute! I also decided that im going to get a horse when i get home, remember how we help out at the horse rescue? well we were there again this week and i just want to take all of them home! So yea im going to get one.
 Im glad my Jehoves came by. And im really glad that Dad took the time to listen to what they had to share! Thats the hardest thing out here, getting people interested in what you have to say with practicly only one sentence because if it takes any longer than that they dont want to hear it. We still move on though :D
Next time we email we will be half way through this transfer... Is time speeding up? I submit that it is. I got a letter from seth this last week and he mentioned that he has less than a year.. What the Heck? He just left!
usualy thoughout the week i write down what i want to email about, but i didnt this week, so im stuck for ideas.
One last thing, So my tooth that had the Root Canal done on it way back when has faded and become pretty gross looking if you ask me. and tonight we had dinner with a dentist and he said that he has a really easy way of fixing it and he said that he would do it for free! So i called sister killpack (She takes care of all medical stuff) and got premission. So im probibly going to be doing that this next week. Ill try and remember to get a before and after picture for yall.
Cant wait to see what happens this next week!
Love you all!
Elder Ettinger
ps. Good luck mom on your 1/2 Marathon! Your gonna do awesome!

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