Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Kyle is transferred to Rialto - 1/2/12

hey there family!

So here comes some news for you, buckle your seat belts!

I have been called to be a trainer!!! And, i'm finally leaving the village ward of apple valley. I'm super super nervous, and totally wish i could call ames right now and talk to him about his training call. but its alright, ha i asked our president if i could text ames and tell him, but he said no.

This past week has been super nuts! just because i've been really stressed out about transfers! and i cant believe i'll be going down the hill tomorrow to meet my Bran new companion!!!! i'm REALLY hoping that i can train the Elder Palmer that ames met in his ward in his mission. that would be really cool.

This past week has also been a really tough one, knowing that i'm leaving, and this being my last P-day here in this ward. Finding time to say my goodbyes to my new missionary friends is really hard! i feel like i've gotten so attached here to the members and my zone, that its like leaving on my mission again from the very beginning! its crazy! but i'm doing all that i can to be happy about this new change in my mission.

I hope all was well with the holidays, we were in our appartment at 7, and got our transfer calls around 9, Then i just started to pack, and went to bed around 10:30. So nothing exciting for me for new years, but thats alright.

Thanks for everyones love and support! its so great! some extra prayers for my training call would be appreciated. thanks again! Have a great week!

Elder Kyle Ettinger

Then on 1/3/12 . . .

Hey there Family. I was able to jump on a computer real quick to let you know that i'm no longer in the desert! i'm super upset about it! but, i'm kinda excited to try something new. it was just really hard to leave all of the friends i had made in apple valley.
i'm now "down the hill" or "In the valley" whatever you wanna call it. I'm serving in a ward that elder bowler has served in. Its called Rialto. I'm serving in the Rialto 1st  ward, with my new greenie elder Bevan. He's from Tooela UT. i think i spelled that wrong. Anyways, i was able to meet elder palmer at the transfer meeting, but i was really wanting to be his comp!
I'm still a district leader, and i'm in a bike area now! ugh! i thought i was gonna have it easy in a car my whole mission ha. Rialto is sometimes a really sketchy place, lots of crazy people, and i've heard its deffinatly the "Hood" So i'm pretty nervous to work there.
I met my greenie today at the meeting, but now they're off doing things with our president and the AP's. We'll meet back with them tomorrow at presidents house, then eventually make it to my new area to un-pack and hopefully get some sleep! i've been so stressed and nervous its crazy! The new way to train is super weird, and i wish i could just do it my own way ha.
Its cool that ames and i are both training right now, but i wish i was in ames' shoes, and only having 6 more weeks with my new comp, not 12 ha! because i wanna get back up to the desert as soon as i can!!!
Anyways, thats just an update of my new area and things, i may just have the mail sent to the new mission address while i'm in this area, but be sure to take off the old AppleValley address on the blog, so no one sends mail there. thanks!
Much love everyone!
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

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