Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Another week gone by - Ames 1/23/12

This last week was a pretty quick one, but i have to start out by telling a cool story.
So its simailar to kyles, We were at dinner last night and the family knew alot of people from, so she starts naming a bunch of people and i dont know any of them... So you see where this is going right? So we are just chatting at the dinner table and the grandma mentions how "Back when we lived in naperville blah blah blah.." so i say "i have family that lives in naperville, do you know any glassetts?" sure enough, they were really good family friends with Joels family! crazy, I guess Joel was this guys scout leader for quite some time haha. such a small world! it was funny because we talked about their suburban that had like a billion miles on it and stuff.. good times.
So this week was a good one. Our numbers werent exactly where we wanted them to be at, but we were able to find another new investigator this week! so that was super exciting, i love getting the news they are so fun. So we will see how that goes this coming week. The person had something happen that was really sad, but i think it was supposed to happen so she could find the gospel.
We had interviews this last week, those were fun, i love President Killpack so much, he always makes you feel like you are doing an amazing job! its so fun. 
Training is going well, its fun to see how much progress Elder Staley has made since the first day when he got here. So thats really rewarding. Im like kyle though, i dont feel like i know anything about missionary work or how to teach people what so ever, but you just have to roll with it. Im getting ready for some change though, i love this area and the people and stuff, but im ready to move to a new place with some new adventures!
Glad to hear that all the races went well. Thats so cool. I remember back when i was little i told myself that i wanted to run a marathon even with my foot haha, i dont think that im going to do that anymore, i dont like running one bit, ill just bike a marathon :D thats more fun.
Hope all else is going well. Question: Is Jaxon Cooper getting close to his mission? Tell that kid to write me :D
Love you all Lots!
God Speed,
Elder Ettinger

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