Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Take Three in Picture Rocks - Ames 1/3/12

So as the subject line insinuates, im going one more in the picture rocks ward, still comps with elder staley. Im pretty excited becasue we could easily see a baptism come from this transfer :D. This week was pretty slow. The last one of the transfer seems to always do that. You are just burned out and ready to see what is going to happen next. So im pretty excited to see what happens this next transfer in the area.
Christmas was awesome! loved all the presents! i must admit that i look awesome in the sweater :D and that tree thing maren sent was the coolest thing ever. haha. And of course the Cars 2 legos were bomb. love legos.
Thats crazy that kyle is Training! haha. dude i hope so bad that you train Elder Palmer. That would be flippin insane! haha. Here is my only advice, Let your greenie struggle enough to learn but not get discouraged. If you let them fail a little bit then they will be able to learn on their own and learn alot quicker than you just dictating to them what they should and shouldnt do. not that great of advice, but iv only been at it for 6 weeks so what do you expect? are you still going to be DL? Im psyched for you.
Our new years eve was pretty uneventful, we had to be in the appartment at 6, and i was in bed at like 930 or 10, so i didnt ring in the new year whatsoever. although tons of people out in picture rocks had some sweet morter fireworks and what not. so that was fun. But not much more than that. Glad to hear that California was fun, thats funny that you were in kyles mission ha. that would have been cool if you saw him tracting or somthing lol.
Today for p-day we played the normal basketball, but i played SO good today. at least i felt like i did. I juked this one elder twice with the same move. Super awesome. and i even had a layup with like a spin in it. also sweet.
Some awesome potential coming up this transfer in the Picture Rocks ward. Cant wait to tell you all about it.
one more thing, Dad will be proud, a few other elders and i are starting a new work out program in the moringings, Another elder helped design my program to focus on losing fat and turning it into mussle. its going to be super hard, but im in it for the long haul, because im the heaviest i have ever been in my life right now and that needs to end! haha. ill keep you updated as the weeks go on.
Love always,
Elder Ettinger

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