Friday, January 13, 2012

Hello from Rialto, California Kyle - 1/9/12

This past week went by so fast it was really nuts! So i noticed this past week, that i'm taking on almost every single responsibility that a missionary can have all at once. Being a trainer, Whitewashing into an area(Remember what that means? When both elders are new to an area), i'm still a district leader, down in the valley now, and i'm in a bike area!! holy cow!
Like ames said to us, its really crazy that we're already a third through our missions! would everyone agree that it feels like ames and i just left for the MTC? i still look at the picture of ames and i doing a fist bump walkin away from the car. It makes me laugh, because it seems like we were just there! But nope! Almost 8 months in already!
Being down in the valley there are alot more people to try and contact, more people out walking on the streets, and alot more people seem to be home. I'm looking forward to being able to do alot more missionary work in the new area that i'm in.
I was able to experience my first encounter with a dog a few days ago, and of course it was also elder Bevans first experience. The dog came running up to us in a full sprint barking and growling, it was super scary! but he went after my companion, and not me. So i knew i'd be alright. my companion was also alright. No worries.
Funny news, but first, Its really funny to see how connected ames' and my missions really are, meaning the people we meet are always related to each other! Ames' bishop in his ward has a nephew out here in my mission, who i didn't know until now. He's one of my ward mates!! (Ward mates happen when a geographic ward is so big, that it takes 2 companionships to cover one ward) So Elder Laulusa, who is the nephew of ames' bishop, is one of my ward mates right now!! Small world huh?! its pretty intense!
Also, a member came up to me and said he has tons of family that live in st george. Do Any of the family know anyone by the last name of Squire?? He's related to all of the hafens in st george as well.
i'm looking forward to the weeks to come! its gonna be a good time training, sometimes rough, but i'm learning alot already! and i'm glad i took the call.
Love you all have a great week!
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

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