Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kyle 1/18/12

hello Family!
I'll start off by explaining why i didn't email this past monday.
We had our zone conference! Woo! it was held from 8 in the morning till 1 in the afternoon, and since i am a district leader, i had to stay an extra two hours! So it was a really long meeting! especially since it would normally be P-day.
Thats cool that dad looked up our areas on google earth. I try not to spend my home money anymore, i dont wanna get off the mission and realize i've spent hundreds of dollars on useless crap. So i'm gonna really try and hold back.
This past week we found a new investigator! i dunno if i've told you about him yet. SO i'll play it safe and tell you about him now. We tracted into him, and he had about 20 minutes for us to teach a small lesson. We taught about the book of mormon, and how we can use it to answer our life questions. We committed him to read and pray about it. Our next appointment with him is tomorrow. However, i'm leaving my greenie behind in my area, and we're doing exchanges tomorrow. I'm going into another elders area that is also training. So basically, in my area, we'll have 2 fresh missionaries lost as can be, in a bike area, not knowing whats going on. It should be a great day! ha
I really love the area that i'm in, there are lots of people out on the streets to talk to, and it makes me actually feel like a missionary when i'm on my bike!!
Funny story, i always find someone that knows someone from back at home, or someone that the family is related to. And this one is legit!
Alright, so we were at dinner two nights ago, one of the daughters use to live in huntington beach, so i told her thats where uncle Tim lived and she said "WAIT! Tim Glassett?" i'm like "Yea do you know him?" she said"I'm like best friends with Trevor! WE went to highschool together!" i was totally blown away! Its such a small world!!!!! ha! so she showed me some yearbooks and stuff of trevor. It was quite funny. She also got onto facebook and told trevor that she was eating dinner with me that night. He was very confused. it was great.
Sounds like everyone is doing well back at home! I would like to wish mom good luck with her half marathon! I'll be praying for your success!!! Dad, i'll be praying extra hard for you to do well with your dissertation!! Much love parents!!
My training call is going well, there are some nights that i lay in bed and wonder, wow why am i training this kid? i'm such a crappy missionary. But i just always try to do my very best! and to set the best example that i can. I'm having lots of fun with E.Bevan, we get along really well, and have fun at all times.
My excercise consists of sometimes riding my bike. The end.
i'm not a fan of working out i'd rather lay sod, and work really hard doing landscaping and getting a work out that way. I'm like dying to mow someones lawn! i'm gonna make an offer in church this sunday ha!
thanks for all of the support and love family!
I pray for you each and every day!!
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger
p.s..I was able to give out a few Website cards to some hispanics, IN SPANISH!!
I'm getting better at doing some spanish door approaches. its super fun!!

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