Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kyle 1/23/12

Hey There family,
This week has been a super quick one! It was a pretty good week, we were able to have 2 lessons taught, one was my companion and another greenie that went on exchanges with him. And a second was yesterday with a younger couple. They are turning out to be eternal investigators, because they just like to compare our belifs to the jewish faith that they have. But its really cool to learn more about others religions. We're gonna go over to there house on a friday evening sometime and do some sort of jewish tradition friday night thing were you eat bread and stuff. So it should be cool ha!
The big big city is something very new for me. Everything seems super congested, and the traffic is nuts! but it makes the missionary work easier, because there are tons of people outside to talk to. This past week my companion and i were able to get 54 contacts!! Where as in the desert of applevalley, i was maybe getting 15- 20 contacts in a week. So i actually feel like im a missionary down here in the valley. Doesn't mean i like the city though.
My companion is doing well, always learning and growing. I told him that right now all he can do is learn, and later in the mission, thats when you start finding the things that you need to improve on. You gotta climb up the ladder before you can fall off of it right? I love using analagies! ha
I'm looking forward to the weeks to come, we are gonna be having a temple trip on Feb 8th, and we're doing pres. interviews sometime this transfer as well. I think its funny that transfers are on valentines day.
I hope i didn't make you guys think that i'm like a total bomb spanish speaker, because i'm totally not ha! i just use some words i know, and hope they understand what i'm saying ha! but its really fun to try.
Sorry this week is quite slim but i'm hoping for more next week. I'm glad to see that the race went well, and that you guys are also getting rain! its been dumping buckets here in California! It makes it fun to go out tracting and contacting.
Love you all, have a wonderful week!
love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

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