Monday, April 1, 2013

Ames - 4/1/13

The only joke that i pulled today, and will continue to pull, is telling the members that im getting transfered back to tucson. We went and got our hair cuts at one of my favorite members here and i told them that i was getting transfered and they were so bummed. Unfortunatly the dad called me out pretty quick on the fact that it was April 1st. Darn. Im going to try it a few more times if i see members throught the day.
My reaction to dads email... Pissed! I turned to elder J and explaind the crazyness that happend. This is what i was thinking. "Why would dad go shoot my gun without asking? why would he think that it would be ok to shoot it when he knows verywell that i havent got to shoot it yet. Wouldnt he think that i want to shoot it first? does he know that that gun has NEVER been shot? haha." As i started reading i didnt really mind that dad got it out and was looking at it and what not. A little quirked because there is stuff in that suitcase that i didnt want you guys to see yet. (Little surprises) but then when i read that dad and clyde took her out... Whoa! Not happy! haha. We will have to go shooting the minute i get home!
This week was an awesome week to end the transfer on and to usher in this last one. We had a couple lessons with investigators, 7 lessons with less active members and 5 lessons with active members (We count those in our mission now.) And we got a new investigator that asked her member friend what she needed to do to be baptized!!! hurray! So with her and a couple others we are hoping for three baptisms by the end of april or for sure by the end of the Transfer. Im excited!
One of our less active lessons this week consisted of Gold panning. Remember how dad kyle and i tried doing some panning in california. and dad was the only one that got anyting. Im suer kyle and i got fed up and impacient so im sure thats why we didnt find any. Well elder j found two flakes and i got one. Today we are going to a new panning spot to get some "Pay Dirt" and pan it for pday. Hoping to get rich quick!
im excited going into this last transfer of our missions. Its been an awesome ride andI have learned a ton!
I hope everyone has a great week, and Mom have an awesome Birthday!! I hope dad surprises you with something cool!
Thanks for all your love and support!
Elder Ettinger

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