Monday, April 1, 2013

Ames - Clifton Cliffs - 3/11/13

Catchy subject line eh? haha.
This last week has been a pretty good week for us. We had a lesson with two of our investiagors and we were able to see a few less actives as well. Kind of a slow week.
The best part was though, wehn we got to church on sunday we wernt really expecting anyone to come, we hadnt seen one family for a couple weeks and the other gators usualy go to mesa on the weekends to their other house. (Kinda annoying when you want them to come to church). BUT! we got to church on sunday and three investigators showed up AND three less actives! super awesome! Its great to know that the efforts that you are making truly help people :) love the mission.
So the reasoning for the subject line is becasue we went base jummping for p day today... jk. we went up some really cool canyons. One of them we found a bunch of black dirt in a few places so we packed some of it out and we are going to pan it for some gold! Pretty excited. The other canyon that we went up is called the Lemon Squeezer. Its a slot canyon that you have to climb up a ton of places, Kinda like the stuff that we would down climb on Pinecreek or Birch hollow. Loads of fun. The duncan Elders came up to join us.
Iv already talked to my mission president about getting on the same plane home. He told me that since kyle leaves on a tuesday that would mean i would miss a bunch of stuff in the mission home and what not. I think it would be kinda cool to come home on the same plane but at the same time i would like to do the mission home dinner/ testimony meeting with all my MTC buddies. Ill see you guys for the rest of my life, but some of these guys i may not see again. Thats just what im thinking.
Im really excited for my Birthday on saturday. We are going to be doing service with some of my favorite members here. We are going to be tearing out a wall in their storage building and adding in a garage door. Also i have dinner that night with another favorite family. Should be an awesome day. I cant belive that kyle and I are 21! I remember our 13th birthday, we got the Incredibles movies and some xbox games. I remember kyle and i got into some dumb argument (Which im sure i was right) and Greg Mickelson said "Looks like they are arguing like teenagers already!" haha. Good times.
Thanks you guys for the love and support,
Dont get too trunkey now ;)
Much love,
Elder Ettinger 

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