Monday, April 1, 2013

Kyle - 3/25/13

Dear family,

Thanks for the emails this week! its always fun to hear about whats been going on back at home.
just to start this off, i would like to say that i dont seem to be much of a fan of a road trip to arizona right after my mission. i am really looking forward to flying home, so i think you could call up my office and let them know that i would like to go ahead with the flight plans. Hope that doesnt make you guys to upset.

This past week was pretty uneventful, my favorite part was being able to work on cutting up
a huge 16 foot bush, down to 6 feet. We worked on it for about two and a half hours! It really
took me back to the golf course. i really enjoyed myself alot. The member we worked with
was really appreciative for our work that we did.

i am getting really bored of being a district leader, our zone leaders only focus on the things
that went bad each week, and its really getting on my nerves, So i may ask to be released
as a district leader for my last transfer. We will see what happens i guess.
i have an interview with president godwin this next week for renewing my temple
recommend, i am really excited about that. I enjoy the times that i get to spend
with my mission president, He is a really good guy.
Its cool that he has a retirement home in st george, so i may run in to him every now
and then.

Parents, dont get filled up with hot air about being so "popular" haha i laughed when i read that part. thats cool that you are being recognized for your great efforts! keep working hard and training well! i am so proud of my parents! 

Sorry i dont have to much to report about this week. something else that happened was that,
yesterday we were asked to not come to the ward council and P.E.C meetings anymore, this
is the first ward that has decided to not let the missionaries come to those meetings, i think
its a stupid idea to not let us come. thats the main way we knew of people in the ward that were struggling a little bit, that we knew we could give an extra boost to. oh well.

Thanks so much for all of your love and support! i cant believe that march is coming to an
end pretty soon! seems like we were just barely in February! what the heck?

have an awesome week and keep having fun!
love, elder kyle ettinger

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