Monday, April 1, 2013

Ames - Spring Break is not all its cracked up to be - 3/25/13

This week was a total bust for us, spring break really killed us. All of our solid investigators were out of town, and alot of the normal less actives we work with too were gone. Just like kyle said, our Zone leaders wernt too happy about it either. They live two hours away from me so i dont really expect them to understand. Its whatever i guess.
I agree with kyle, iv been looking forward to flying home the whole mish, having to sit in a car for 7 1/2 hours to get home doesnt sound at all fun when we could just drive from the air port in STG 5 min to the house. There will be oportunities to come vist the mission with you guys pretty easily. Hope thats cool with everyone.
This week is going to be alot cooler than this last week. We are planning on extending some baptism dates this week that we have super high hopes for. It will be toward the end of april so just before we bounce on home. Pretty excited :)
Today for pday we are heading up to the mountains, going to be making some good ol fashion tin foil dinners! going to be pretty fun. Going to play some frisbee and burn stuff in the fire.
Mom that reading on burmuda grass sounds pretty interesting haha. find any cool tips or tricks?
So there is a member here that was telling me about metergist internship that the mine does. It is just for the summer and pays really good. Like i calculated about 9000 just for the summer. Im thinking that ill look into it for the summer of 2014. He said the mine likes to take students that are in the middle of their schooling so that they dont feel obligated to hire any of the interns. Pretty intreging. Ill look into it more when i get home.
Also, iv got my school schedual for the fall pretty much layed out, they posted the fall classes on the website so iv been checking those out and have got all the classes lined up pretty good. Registration is on april 10th for me so thats when ill add my classes. There are a few classes that im not sure on so ill just end up doing some changes when i get home but im going to jump in the classes while i can get in.
 Pretty excited to finish up strong here in clifton. Everyone loves reminding me how long i have left though, thats not too fun. Whatever though.
Hope you all have a great week!
6 more emails after this one!!!!!!
much love,
Elder Ettinger

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