Monday, April 1, 2013

Kyle - 4/1/13

Dear Family,

First things first, transfers!!! man i seriously cant believe that we are already getting to our last transfer as missionaries! i know i say it in almost every email! but where has the time gone?
i will be staying in the hillside ward for my last transfer, my companion elder m will be leaving though. making my last 4 companions. only 6 week companions. Its kinda fun that way because i get to meet more people.
Elder m was called as a DL, i am super excited for him. This will be the first time that he is senior companion. Also, two elders staying in my zone were called as district leaders. i am pretty positive that i will be released as a DL. But i am more than willing to help my new district leader if this is the case.

Happy April everyone! April fools right!? i didnt pull any pranks on my companion this year. i dont think i did last year either. i dont remember.
Funny story though, last night i went to bed, and of course took my glasses off to sleep, i put them safely in my glasses case, on the bookshelf next to my bed. I went to sleep, during the night, about 4:00 AM, i woke up...Wearing my glasses!!??... i was like, "i swear i took these off!?"... i put them away (again!) and fell back asleep.In the morning, i put them on and got up. i saw that my lenses had couple finger prints on them. I am very convinced that i put my glasses on while i was sleeping!! very weird! ha but really funny as well. i've been telling that story to my missionary friends all morning ha

My brother Ames, APRIL FOOLS sucka!! Dad sure schooled you on that one huh!? we would like to assure you that dad and clyde didnt go out and shoot your gun, but i do request that you let us know what your reaction was to dads story haha i got a good laugh out of it! hope you did as well... now that you know it isnt true.

Mom, thanks for working on setting up the trip for brother k to get my stuff home. i have also been talking to elder b about coming down to pick up some of my stuff as well. He says he should be able to, unless his school finals get in the way. So i'm sure that brother k could get some of my stuff, and maybe the last few things elder b could take home for me. I'm sure it will all work out one way or another.

Happy birthday this week mom! hope you have a really great day! I always forget what year you are turning. i always remember dads. But i still feel like you will always be stuck in the 40's somewhere. i've always thought that as a kid. Each year dad gets older, mom stays the same. maybe it is because dads hair is getting more ground pepper like haha.

Thanks for everyones love and support! its so great! you are all so awesome!
i love you all so much!! keep having fun and be safe!
love, elder kyle ettinger

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