Monday, April 1, 2013

Kyle - 3/18/13

Dear family,

Thanks for the birthday wishes, sure appreciate it.
My birthday was spent helping a family move out of one of the wards
in our stake. it was one of those moves that the family wasnt ready to move
out, we had to help box up all there stuff, and there house as mom would say 
was a "pigstye"! Lots of garbage all over.
We helped from 11 to 2 in the afternoon, when we told them we had to leave,
they thought we were just wanting to not help anymore, though that was partially
true, i didnt want to spend all of my birthday in frustration, working hard to help
them move, while they stood around and didnt help much. Life goes on.
We baked the cake on the 16th at a missionary friends appartment, then
finished up the frosting last night. We took a few pictures but i didnt really
do anything exciting. mission birthdays are just so close to normal days.

Thanks for the birthday gifts! i loved all of it! i was laughing quite a bit while
opening up things.
Maren and jake, thanks for your things as well! i got the package on the 16th, 
but we got home late at night, and the office holding the package was closed,
so i got to open your stuff sunday morning. thanks again! stoked to fly my
ninja turtle kite!
Sounds like maren isnt very good at flying kites huh? Why would you fly winnie the pooh into the tree? thats really not very nice mare bear!! haha

Sorry its a little short today, i gotta give my companion a turn on the ol computer,
thanks for all the love and support!
Good luck working in the yard and getting some cool projects done.
Love you all
love, elder kyle ettinger

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