Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Kyle - 4/8/13

hey everyone,

Not gonna lie i really dont have a whole lot to talk about this week, this email may
be a bit short.
i enjoyed the conference this time! i really should've payed more attention during some
of the talks, but i have found that i have a really hard time not talking to friends when
my mom isnt there to tell me to shut my mouth ha. Sorry mother.
I am very suprised that no one mentioned anything about there being an 
announcment about the Cedar City Temple.
right before they started announcing the new temples i leaned over to a 
friend and said "St,george city 2nd Temple" and then he announces Cedar,
and i was like "Well it might
as well be st george 2nd" haha it was really funny!
im stoked to have another temple close by! we are so spoiled!
It was really fun to talk to everyone on moms birthday! glad that you enjoyed
it to!! Happy birthday to maren this week! Hope you have lots of fun at disneyland!
i am super duper jealous about that!! haha, i understand that you cant come visit though
it would have been super fun, but its alright! we can look forward to may 25th! woo!
thanks for the love and the prayers!! May the work continue here in the Hillside ward!
love you all
Love, elder kyle ettinger!

Companion from Jerome, ID
P-day hike

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