Monday, October 31, 2011

Ames - Halloween

Pretty excited for the day today, being Halloween and such. We are planning on having a normal P-Day today, the usual basketball and what not. Im getting alot better at it, and I really enjoy playing it now :D. But, becasue it is halloween, we have to be in our apartments at 6:00 PM becasue of all the stuff that goes on at night for Halloween. So, we are thinking of getting together witha couple other elders and carving some pumpkins and stuff, we are planning on asking our zone leaders today if that would be ok. Pretty stoked about it :D
We had an awesome week this week. Two New Investigators!!!! thats the most i have gotten in a week on my mission! and we taught more lessons this week then any other week on my mish as well! im so excited about it! haha. One of our new investigators was from tracting too! which is super rare. And it just goes to show that the lord is preparing people to hear the gospel. This guy is super accepting and was really excited about setting up a return appointment. Exciting stuff going on :D
 Dad: Yes, there is a bone yard here in marana, i get to drive past it every week to go to church, it is pretty small, but it has 5 or 6 old fighter jet skeletons, ill make sure to get a picture of it one of these days... I didnt know that you were a non-commital dry mormon dad? what did it take to finaly get you to commit to baptism, because we are having a hard time with this one? =/
Being senior comp is good, its more of a techinicality if anything. And I have been out only 6 weeks more than Elder Turnbull, so its not like I know much more. I am learning lots though, being more of a leader than my usual follower.
Mom: I have some family history questions!! are we related to a Marvin Ettinger? or a Nell Ettinger? Nell is a lady in Florida i guess? thats pretty much all the information i have on them, some people have asked me about them so i figured that i would at least ask about the names.
Cant wait to see what happens this next week!
Love you all,
God Speed
Elder Ettinger

Elder Turnbull and Elder Ames Ettinger

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