Sunday, October 30, 2011

Kyle - Oct 24, 2011

Hello everyone,

This past week has had a few really cool things that happened.

First off, last tuesday we were called as we were heading home around 8:45, and we were asked to go give a blessing to a guy in our ward who just had a heart attack. We headed over to the hospital and checked in as visitors. First, before we checked in i helped a lady jump start her car. That was the first blessing of help. Second, we found where the man in our ward was being held, and we were able to give him a really cool blessing, and he said we could come check on him this next week, which was a miracle.  The third and most amazing miracle. While we were trying to find the member who had the heart attack. A random lady came up to elder thorpe and i and asked if we could give her a blessing, we told her we could but we had to give one to our member first. Well time came for the blessing, and she asked me to do it for her, it went well. But the amazing part was, is that she told us she was trying to become a member and she asked ME to baptize her when she was ready, and for elder thorpe to do the comfirmation! It was such a cool experience! The lord really puts his missionaries in the right place at the right time.

Last Saturday, we had a big service project out in the middle of the desert at a place called "El Mirage" (Google it) which is a big OHV riding area, and it has a big long 5 mile dry lakebed where they hold landspeed races and what not. We were there doing service for a few hours, picking up trash and cleaning the camp sites up. I had tons of fun being around the dirtbikes and hearing those loud noises again, i also go to hang out with Elder Bowler. 

The last great part of the week was the pinewood derby race on saturday night! We had a bunch of different classes to race in. My car was registered in the "Rally" Class which allowed you to do whatever you wanted to the car, as long as you were under 10 oz. My car ended up being 7 oz. And i took 1st place in the rally class! i'll hopefully be able to post pictures of my car.

The past week has been super fun! and i'm looking forward to this next week! Last week we had 7 less active lessons taught, and about that many planned for this up coming week.

Next sunday i'm giving a talk in sacrament meeting on the book of mormon. Should be exciting!

Thanks for package of stuff, everything came in good condition. I haven't tried my shirt on yet. I'll have to do that when i get back to our apartment today.

Thanks for all that you do! I love you all! have a great week
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

New companion, Elder Thorpe

Rally division Champion!

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