Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Late transfer calls = Stress! Kyle 10/10/11

Hey family!

So i just got the call about 15 or 20 minutes ago that i'm not moving again this transfer, but i am getting a new companion! elder Riley was called as a zone leader for his last transfer! which is really weird! he's a little nervous, but i told him he'll enjoy doing it.

My past week has been full of events it seems like! Last monday we were informed that we had a temple trip on wednesday as a zone. So we hurried and called around to try and find someone to take us. Brother j  (a great ward friend) didn't work that day, so he took us down in his very luxurious Cadillac CTS V series! i know you dont know what that is. But its just a very fast sports car! It was really fun going to the temple! everytime i go i feel the spirit so strong and its just so great!

Last thursday we had a mission tour, where a different elder packer of the seventy came to speak to us. The meeting was from 8 in the morning till 4 in the afternoon!  LONG!! But it was really uplifting! and i also got to see elder millward, and Elder Roberts from st. George, who wanted to say hi to maren, and mom and dad. which was awkward because he started talkin about his date with maren one time.

I was really upset to hear about the news of buddy! i was really relly hoping he'd be able to grow up till he was thriteen or fourteen years old! Because he seemed to be a real healthy guy! Thanks for the Tribute though. i really enjoyed the pictures! I'm gonna put up a picture of buddy on my desk from now on.

I'm pretty excited/ a little nervous for my new companion. But i'm lookin forward to staying in this ward again. We just got a referal text that we'll go hit up tonight. so we're excited about that!! The work goes on!

Thanks for all your love, prayers and support! 

Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

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