Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kyle - Oct 17, 2011

Hello Everyone,

This past week has been pretty stressful! Because my Ames went senior companion last transfer, and i'm his twin, i also went senior companion this transfer. But stayed in the same area, which i'm pretty happy with. My new companion Elder Thorpe is from North Ogden, UT. He's a really motivated worker, and it should be a really good transfer, our numbers have already climbed a little bit since he's got here. i'll send some pictures probably next week or something.

Being senior companion i have the rights to be the "Designated Driver" Which means i drive all the time for the companionships. i've only ran two stop signs and almost got in an accident once. Its funny to see how crappy i am as a driver since i haven't driven for like 4.5 months.

We'll be out on missions for 5 months tomorrow. Which is totally crazy! the time goes by so fast! 
Thats cool that Ty patterson was called to chicago. maybe he'll be in the same mission as Kyle Brandt.

We have a pinewood derby coming up this next saturday, i wish i had my car from when i was a cub scout! but hey, i aquired a kit and i'm making a new one. I'm gonna be racing my car in whats called the "Rally" division. Which means anything goes! just have to stay under 10 ounces. It should be a great ward activity!!

thanks for all of your love and support! 
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

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