Sunday, October 9, 2011

Last week of the transfer - Ames Oct. 3, 2011

The last week of the transfer is always the hardest. in more than one way. First of all there is that unknowing of whether or not you are getting transfered, and becasue of that unknowing the work kind of slows down becasue you very well could be gone next week. Its not a very fun time.
This last week has been a fun one. We have continued teaching the football player, however we ran into some complications with his baptisimal date... As you know, it was set for the 22nd of october. well, there was a huge volleyball tourney that alot of his friends will be at that he wanted to be at the baptism. So he asked if he could move it. So we talked it over, about moving it a week back, or a week forward. and we told him why we didnt want to move it back. So he looked through his planner, and you could tell he was thinking about it really hard, and he looked up with a smile and said, We will do it the 15th. I couldnt help but smile. it was so cool. So a couple days later we get a call from his buddy dallin that has been going to the lessons with us and he had talked with his mom and found out that there would be a huge multi stake youth confrence that day.. another pickle. so in our next lesson with him we talked about it some more to try and find a date, we explained that it didnt need to be on a saturday, that any day of the week would work. So he checked his planner again and found the date that would work best.. the 11th of October =)... we smiled and said ok. This kid is so legit he has a strong testimony, and he is super excited to be baptized. The only bad part is that it is on transfer day, he doesnt know that, becasue we dont want to influence him at all. So that is another reason that i would be happy to stay in the Gila Valley. And this place is like home now. I have made such good friends with the members and it would just be hard to leave. but! thats not my choice, its the lords. So we will see what kind of calls we get next sunday!
Love you all!
God Speed
Elder Ettinger
Some other funny Stuff:
I was browsing the other day like we do once a week. And i was looking for people who liked photography, guess who one of the results were. Danielle Gilley, well former gilley. i dont know her new last name. haha I thought that was pretty funny.
Also, During general conf. i saw (the people we look for in the choir) within the first 5 minutes of the first session! Yea i'm boss at eye spy.


  1. Elder Ettinger---it's Sister Gilley! I clicked on Maren's FB link and loved reading about your mission. Maren is actually with Danielle tonight at the BYU comedy club seeing her hubby (Aaron Woodall) preform. do you remember when Brother Gilley was your Primary teacher when you were about eight? So proud of how you two have grown up! Take care!

  2. One more thing, it's Sister Gilley again, do you know an Elder Morton from Meridian, Idaho? He is serving from our ward.

    and if your brother ever serves in Fresno, we know a few people from there, too,