Sunday, October 23, 2011

First Week - Ames 10/17/11

So this last week has been a really slow week. All the schools were let out this last week for fall break, so pretty much no one was home. Elder Turnbull has been taking me around to meet some of the members in the ward, but like none of them are home. So we have been doing a whole lot of nothing the past few days So its been pretty sucky. But i am reallty excited for this coming week. we have alot of investigators, so there is plenty of work to do. we now just have to go out and do it. haha. I really miss the Gila Valley, I made some really awesome friends there, so this change has been pretty lame. But im where the lord wants me to be, so thats where i will be.
Thats way cool about the people talking about red dog. Ill have to start asking around to all the football gurus to see if i can find someone who knows him.

Other than that I dont got a whole lot of news, The day to day of missionary work is pretty much the same. Sorry.
Love, Elder Ettinger

This desert tortoise lives outside Ames's trailer 

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