Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ames  4/16/12

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!! how old are you now? 60? haha just kiddin love ya dad!
This past week has been a slow one for us, i wish we could constantly have like 50 people to be teaching. that would make time just cook by.
We went on exchanges this week and i stayed in my area with the DL. We contacted a referal from the previous week and he became a gator! so that was actualy really awesome. He has met with missionaries in the past but his wife wasnt ever a fan of the church. not anti, just not into it. He said that this time he was willing to "Leave her behind" and attend church without her. We have a return appointment on wendsday so we will see what happens. This guy has 5 labradors in his house! haha it was nuts. Elder Sears and myself walked out of the house COVERD in hair. Pretty gross but worth the spirit that was there.
Also while i was with elder sears, we went tracting and met some of the meanest people on my mission! all on the same street! it was really annoying. having people yell mean things at and about you can really put a damper on your day. I just do my best to laugh it off and move to the next door, but it can really build up on you. Life of a missionary
It seems like the whole family is moving on to the next chapter of life so to speak. Kyle and i are hitting the hump, mom is running marathons, maren is graduating from flippin college. and dad is raising chickens... haha. should be fun to see how everything works out.
Yesterday at church a lady that was in one of my wards over in thatcher was visiting her parents who are in my ward here. That was fun to talk to her for a few minutes before sacrament meeting and get a report on ol' thatcher 5th ward. We are going over to the Temple tomorrow so that is really exciting. ♪♫ I love to See the Temple ♫♪. Also i emailed a family over there and we are going to be able to go out to lunch with them after the session :) cant wait!
I hope all else is going well!
Love you all!
Elder Ettinger

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