Friday, May 11, 2012

Transfers Ames 5/7/12

So we jumped on the computers real quick to tell ouur fams about transfers.
Im heading over to New Mexico! Im not sure what area or even town, im pretty sure ill be in Deming though.
I really wanted to get over to NM at some point in the mission so i could hit every border in the mission. So when i get there i will have north in my first area, west in Marana, South here in Sierra Vista, and now East in NM. Pretty sweet.
So i Dont know anything about when church is, or what my number is... this could be interesting.
I honestly dont think a four way call will be possibul, Ill have to see what i find in NM
We are allowed to call the day before for a few minutes to finalize times and what not. so we will probibly have to do that.
kyle email your phone number when you email the parentals so that i can get it from them saturday if i dont get it your email before then.
make sence?
It will all work out haha.
anywho. Just jumped on real quick.
Love you all!
Elder Ettinger

So im currently in another state... pretty fun :D although we just
lost an hour of pday in less the a second crossing the border, not so
The computers that we email on here in Deming are super duper slow. i
honestly want to say they are running dial up here. super slow. it
took me 8 minutes just to get on the internet and get signed into my
inbox. Slug slow.
Im kinda sad to be leaving Sierra Vista, but the area was really
stressfull and im glad that i can move on to a diffrent kind of work.
We are in a car share, which is just what it sounds like, we share a
car with another companionship. So im going to try and borrow a bike
again for the days that we dont have the car. We will see how it works
I tested my idea about the four way call with another set of
missionaries. And it seemed to work! so we will give it a try. Kyle
has my phone number so im expecting him to call me saturday night and
then we can test out the system :D it will all work out ok. My chuch
here is weird, we switch off each week going down to a branch that is
in our ward boundaries so im not sure what time will work to call. i
think sometime after two should work just fine. we will see.
Im not sure what my new address is yet, ill get that to you next week.
Cant wait to talk to you all sunday!
Cant wait to start seeing the miracles in the area!
love you all lots and lots!
Elder Ettinger

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