Thursday, May 3, 2012

Not such a good week.  Ames 4/30/12

There were some good things about this week im sure, but the cons of the week definitely out weigh the pros this time...
Tuesday night we were having dinner in a kind of getto part of the ward, when we went to leave to go home, my bike was gone! Some fool just came up to the portch and swiped it. Flippin Gay! It definitely put a damper on things... but it gets worse. Saturday night we were out with our ward mission leader and we decided to go grab some cookies to take to a family. So we are driving down fry (Sierra VIstas Main Road) and Elder Woodland pointed out a guy riding my bike down the road! We tried following him the best we could, but he was weaving through parking lots and the ultimatly cut down an alley way and we lost him... :( we were so close! Unfortunatly he cut off my bike lock and removed the lights so it would be harder to identify. We combed over a trailor park that we are pretty sure he went to, but found nothing. I made the stupid mistake of throwing out my papers back when i was in marana, i didnt think i would need them, So im calling the bike shop in the Gila valley today in hopes that they can help me out... Not fun at all. I think my initial mistake was buying a nice bike to begin with. But, it wouldnt be a completed mission if my biked didnt get jacked right? haha trying to think on the bright side.
Im working on getting a new bike, but i dont want to too soon becasue there is always the chance of finding that guy again, im praying that he is stupid enough to ride it down a main road again.
We also had interviews this week, I always get so anxious for interviews even though i know they are going to be fine. We talked about  specific disobedient issues with the zone. I hate disobedient missionaires. I wish everyone could just want to work uber hard and leave with no regrets :D
Good luck to dad on the ironman this week! Im sure you will do great. Just imagine your cheer section along the route.
When the going gets tough, the tough get going!
Im hoping this week has some more in store than this last week.
Love you all :D
Elder Ettinger


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