Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kyle  4/16/12

hello family,
Well i gotta first off say that this is probably one of the fastest april's i  have ever lived through!! It was moms birthday, and then all the sudden it was marens birthday, and now its dads birthday today! Happy birthday dad! i hope your day goes well!! and why did you open the card early? i put happy birthday on the card just so you wouldn't open it early! you little bum! i hope you enjoyed the card!
This past week has gone by super quick!! We were able to teach our less active  again, we read another scripture in the book of mormon with her. her name came up in ward council, and the RS president said that she came to her house to sing happy birthday to her with her grandson. please note: this is a huge miracle! she NEVER ever wants to see anyone in the church except us and her visiting teacher! so this is a big step for her! we are very excited!
We were able to go pull weeds last week for a Bro in the ward, he is legit! he is actually visiting his parents in st george right now!! i told him to bring me back some red dirt in a jar or something ha! We pulled weeds at his house for an hour or two, some of it was in the pouring rain! it dumped buckets this last week! it was super fun i love the rain!
Did st george get rain last week?
We have been able to contact alot of unknown members in our ward, the ones who havn't recieved any contact for a long time! its really fun to see the people that still love the church, and the ones that are kinda bums and want there records removed from the church.
We are looking forward to the week to come, i think we have president interviews at the end of this week! and elder ballard is going to be visiting us on the 21st!! i am quite stoked for that!
Hope all is going well!
Good luck on the marathon prep!
Congrats to maren for graduating!! i am very proud of you! and very grateful for the example that you set for ames and i! Keep up the good work! and good luck in North Carolina!!
Love, Elder kyle ettinger

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