Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kyle 4/30/12

hey there folks
Good luck on the ironman this week dad! i pray for you all the time! Be safe out there!
This past week has been fun, and also super lame at the same time!!
on wednesday i was able to go on exchanges with elder bowler, you all remember him i'm sure, bowler came up to my ward, and we tried contacting a bunch of people and we were having no luck. We decided to go to the top end of our area, and out of no where i hit a stupid pothole in the road! It bent both sides of one of our wheels and the tire instantly went flat! i laughed and got out and got the spare tire on in about 6 minutes! pretty quick, and then we headed on our way. Well the dumb part about it, We had to get a new rim for the car, and the only place that has them, was at the Chevy dealership! So we dropped the car off, and they said they'd call us when it was done. About six hours later i called them, and they said they decided to get more things fixed on it. Well, two full days later we finally get our car back! and the church was charged over $1000 dollars for a new rim, 4 new tires that werent necissary, a brake job, and i think they messed around with our transmission, because it now leaks trany oil!!...that just testified to me, of why we dont get cars fixed at dealerships! they are a bunch of scam artists!
On mothers day, our church is at 11-2 o clock. Sounds like we may have some troubles getting in touch with each other. i think it would work best if ames and i called eachother first like on christmas, and have him try and figure out the 4 way call thing. Because i am not tech savy on that kind of stuff.
The mission is going way fast! we will be out a year in about 18 days! thats really crazy! i cant believe that we are already this far into our missions! i am hoping to stay in this area, but for sure get a new car.
Thanks for all of the love and support that you guys give me! it really helps me stay motivated and want to work hard for the lord! i can deffinatly see that a mission is a difficult thing to do! but it is well worth it!
Hope all is well!
Love, Elder kyle Ettinger

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