Thursday, May 3, 2012

Temple + Miracles = Dope Week:)    Ames  4/23/12

So this week was really really awesome! Not tons of sruff going on, but enough to make it a sweet week.
Our P-day this last week was on tuesday so we could go to the temple. We went to the 8 oclock session so we had to leave Sierra Vista at like 5:45 to get there on time! it was really early but im glad that i wasnt the one that had to drive over there. The Temple was really fun, when i first walked into the chaple to wait for the session a lady from my ward in thatcher was there, Sister Thatcher actualy haha, im not sure you remember me talking about them, they were the family that elder sims and i played that "Sliders" game at. Love that family. So that was a great way to start the session. I learned tons and tons this trip too, I love reciving revelation in the temple. On Wendsday we went to see our new investigator, he is super solid and you can just tell that he is ready to hear the message this time and that the events in his recent life have totaly prepared him to listen and accept this time around :D Unfortunatly he will be out of town until may 12th so we will probibly get him into the water in june :D Also this last week we had a really cool miracle: It was saturday evening and we were waiting for our ride to pick us up for dinner because we didnt want to bike across the whole ward to get to dinner. So we are waiting and one of our appartment neighbors pulls up and they start walking to their appartment and you can tell he is trying to decide if he wants to say something to us or not. He came over and asked us if we had any churches in Sierra Vista! We explaned that their were a couple diffrent ones and told them the diffrent times as well and briefly explained what they could expect at church. Super awesome! So i told our zone leaders who go to the other church building to keep an eye out for them and to let us know if they show up... THEY CAME!!! and from what the zls said they were really impressed and enjoyed it! Missionaries one, Satan zero! Winner. In Preach my Gospel it talks about the "Elect of God" and how we will be put into their path or they will be put into ours. It was such a great testimony builder of being ready and worthy to talk to those who are put into our paths. Really cool.
Thats really crazy that Maren graduated! I didnt even know that it was this last week. I figured it would be sometime in May. Im  not gonna lie, im glad that kyle and i were out here so that we didnt have to sit though the whole two hours of names, but im also a little bummed that we didnt get to see you walk as well. Dad did you use the 70-200 mm Zoom lens on my camera? pretty sweet eh. I love photography so much, im thinking of trying to do that on the side of whatever carrer path i take. Should be fun :)
When is the Ironman this year? Ill be cheering for you dad from Sierra Vista!
I hope that you all are having uplifting experiences like kyle and i are certainly having :D
Love you all!
Elder Ettinger.
Where Ames lives

Monument near Sierra Vista

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