Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kyle 4/23/12

Dear family,
hey there!!
It is pretty crazy how fast time goes! ames and i have been out here for 11 months now! and it already seems like it is almost May!
This past week we were able to find a few Lost sheep, aka members that say they are members but the ward never got there records here. So we were able to get a little info from a few of them, to try and hunt their records down.
Alright so a few weeks ago, i forgot to tell you, i was invited to stand in during a baby blessing!! it was pretty awesome not gonna lie! it got me thinking of the family i am going to have down the road! And that i'll be the one blessing the baby. Fun stuff.
Also, i dunno if you guys remembered or not, but Elder Ballard of the twelve came to speak to JUST the san bernardino missionaries. We were very thrilled!! before the meeting started we got to go up and shake the hands of an apostle!!!!!!!! so sick!! We shook elder ballards hand, elder Higham who is an Area seventy for the Southern california missions, elder whiting of the seventy, and elder bowen of the seventy! all four of them spoke to us! and it was an awesome experience! We learned about the priesthood, and the athority that we have as missionaries, and how we are to use the power of that athority that we are given. It was pretty legit! Elder ballard is a super funny guy! he made some pretty funny jokes one comment he made was..."Have you had someone come up to you and say that they are already saved??....Well thats the biggest false doctrine if i ever heard one!" ha it was great.
I cant believe that we are winding down to the end of this transfer! The missionary work in the area is still slow, but we still see some neat miracles here and there!
Congrats maren for graduating!! Those pictures you shared were pretty neat! thats crazy that it took forever and a day for everyone to get there diploma.
Mom, is the professional ironman guy gonna sleep in my room or ames'? if he is in my room, tell him to NOT touch my piano!! ha just kidding.
My interview with president godwin went really well, we discussed some issues that were going on between the south side elders, and we also talked about the training that i did with elder bevan. i also had pres sign one of my "st. George" brand ties, since he will be retiring in sunbrook estates after there mission is complete.
Thanks for everyones love and support! continue to set a great example to everyone around you! it helps bring people closer to christ!!
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

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