Friday, May 11, 2012

Transfers! Kyle 5/7/12

Hello family,
man i am super proud of dad for finishing his second ironman! are you gonna do number three next year dad?
I am being transfered out of the rialto first ward! i am really excited to see where my new area is going to be, as well as my new companion.
I am really jealous that maren bragged about her little cruise thats going on right now! that little butt! but i am happy that she is able to have her fun and what not.
This past week we were able to teach our less active lady, we brought her over a brand new bible for her to have, and she was so happy she started crying. We read in the scriptures with her, and gave her a comfort blessing. It was a really neat experience.
yesterday we were invited to go to members fast sunday dessert party ha. Elder petersen and myself rode around on scooters and were doing a bunch of tricks trying not to hurt ourselves. it was a good time.
Also at that same members home, i asked one of the dads to look up the ironman race results, so i knew that dad finished the ironman before reading the email. i was just getting way anxious!
I know that obedience is an important thing in the mission, i am deffinatly going to put  forth more effort to being a more obedient missionary with "No regrets" as we were told to be in the MTC. Man that mtc experience was almost a year ago!
Today we are going to be going to do some awesome minigolf for the last time! i am really going to miss the ward and some of the missionaries in this zone.
for mothersday, i am really confused and stressed. because i am not sure what my church time is going to be yet. And i will have a new phone number. so i wont be able to give you that either. i will probably ask president if i can send you an email tomorrow afternoon when i have my new comp and area, so i can give you the best time that i will be able to call. i am praying that it will work out well.
Thanks for being so awesome and such a fun adventurous family!! our family is the best!!
p.s..i dont remember if i told you this, but a member in our ward was best friends with Bro. Bean!! when he lived here in california! i thought that was way awesome! i told him to tell him hi from me next time he goes to see him. small world yet again!!
Love you guys! be safe have fun!
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

Elder Bevan and Elder Ettinger

A member that Kyle played drums with

hey guys!!   5/9/12
I am back in the wonderful HOT desert!! it is so good to be back in the fresh air! i love it so much and i've only been back for like 2 days! ha
i am serving in the Hesperia, Maple ward. And i am also a District leader again. I only have one other companionship in my district but, one of the elders is a good buddy i made in rialto, so it was cool that he and i followed eachother up to this zone.
My new companions name is elder king, he is from nebraska.  so far we are getting along well. There is alot of silence in the car. But i am pretty use to being a quiet kid since leaving on my mission. it helps me be patient with people. by just not saying anything at all. So i am pretty quiet most of the time.
My new appartment address is:
14364 Sequoia Rd. #4
Hesperia, CA
My church is at 1:30, so its gonna be a pretty late call i think to talk to the family on sunday.
Like ames said, i have his number, and we will be able to call saturday night to do a test run.
I am excited for the area, and the new companion. I am even closer to home because the 15 freeway splits our area in half. part of the ward lives in the city of hesperia, and the other half lives in the city of Rialto. fun stuff
Hope all is well! take care!
 We will talk to you on sunday!
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

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