Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ames - 1/14/13

The way transfers went this time around was alot diffrent then usual. Not by how it was done or what happened, just that some how it came and went without me really stressing about the fact that we may or may not get a call. Its kinda nice not having to stress out. So the big, or not so big, news: Elder Phillips and i are staying for round two. Im pretty excited to keep serving here in cliffton, im not so sure that Elder Phillips is, but we are going to do our best to turn this area around. Its been used and abused alot over the last year or so and its going to take alot of work. Elder Phillips and I made some "New Transfer Resolutions" to step it up a bit and go beond what we have been doing so that the lord can bless this area. Becasue its going to take his help to heal what has been hurt.
Here is some interesting news that we recived in our email from president killpack, "Because of the changes with regard to amount of time spent in the MTC, most missions will experience a one-time change to a transfer period. For us this will occur this transfer. There will only be 5 weeks in this next transfer. So the next transfer will be February 19th. Then the normal 6 week transfers will resume again. But that one-time change effectually moves all future transfers forward one week as well. "
Looks like Kyles theory was correct. so you guys can expect me (Hopefully us depending on when kyles mission loses the week) home on the 15th of may instead of the 22nd.
Im glad to hear that everyone is settling back into normal life. Sounds like dad scraped up his shin pretty good if he needed steri strips, i hope that you didnt just whimp out on us dad and only had a small scrape. We need you to be rough n tough for all the adventures coming up haha.
I got your envolope that you sent mom, thanks for kyles head... Elder Phillips and I are making plans for its use... :) Thanks for the goodies as well.
Sounds like Jake is having a fun time bumming around. (Not such a great impression... jk :) ) Were you able to get your guns into NC easily? are the gun laws in NC much stricter than utah? i think they must be to some degree because Utah is so lax when it comes to guns. haha.
Mom i have a request for you: i was hoping that you could call/ swing by the Admin/registration offices over at Dixie state and see what it takes to get me registered for the fall semester, and find out when class registration starts, i dont want to get hosed on classes :) thanks so much!!!
Dad, i appriciate keeping a few of the unused fireworks :)
I hope all else is going well back home and in NC,
Love you all lots and lots!
Elder Ettinger
ps, i cant wait to share a massive slide show off hundreds of picures!!!

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