Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kyle - 1/21/13

Dear Family,

We were told that we could email at a members house today, so i am gonna have to keep it a little short.
Last week was pretty lame, not much happened. Elder j. and i have been going around trying
to contact part member families to teach as well as some less actives. i mostly just wanted to get my companion introduced to the area and the main people that we work with most.
This transfer we are having a zone game, where we get points for certain key indicators, i have done games like his in the past, and most zone leaders set up the point system pretty well. i am already noticing that our zls didnt do a good job at setting this one up, so i am hoping that they are open for comments and suggestions, where we can fine tune the game a bit. we shall see.

dad, what did i say this time to make you say "No trunkyness??" ha i am trying my best to work hard and to stay strong till the end. 

I am really looking forward to this transfer, elder j. is a total boss and we are gonna for sure get along with each other
i just talked to him, and he said that one of his parents worked with kent barthalomew i think. he said that he somewhat knows
who they are.

Not much else to talk about this time. Hope you guys have a great week and keep spreading the gospel in
good ol st george!
Love. Elder kyle Ettinger

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