Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Kyle - 1/2/2013

Good afternoon family,
So i forgot that our p-day was switched to today because of our temple trip.
I finally got to go down to the temple again! our past trips never worked out for rides and what not. So i was finally able to go again, it had been almost 8 months! i loved it so much! The Redlands temple is so tiny! ha its kinda funny.
on the way back to hesperia, me and my buddy elder t. were talking about all the cool hikes we've done in zion National Park. Turns out we have done alot of the same ones he has! he is from Richfield UT by the way. so we are gonna go hiking and snowboarding when we get home. Pretty excited.
So i am very very excited to announce that i have my first legitimate baptism this weekend!!!!!! Saturday morning at 9:00 She is a lady that we have been teaching for the
past few months, she has always wanted to get baptized, but we just havent been able to
get the lessons in. The cool thing is that she wants to get her aunt involved in the teaching as well. So we called the sister missionaries in her area, and turns out they already have an appointment set up with the lady. The irony was pretty awesome. but it gets better... It sorta dawned on me that i knew a lady back in the Rialto 1st ward that kinda looked like our investigator. They also had the same last name. i called the rialto sister and got her first name. Then called up our investigator up here in hesperia to ask if they were related at all.. Turns out that they are sisters!! i just love how past wards connect!! Anyways, i am very excited for this weekend. Please keep me in your prayers for comfort and support for this awesome event! Thanks everyone!
Today for p-day we are going to have a nerf gun war! Most of the elders in the zone have bought guns, and we had some members give us a couple. of course we did some research and found out how to trick them out to shoot alot harder and further. So we are gonna set up a course in the gym of the stake center. Should be a good time.
(dont jump to conclusions haha. please note that other zones have done this, and it is approved)
Thanks again for everyones love and support! it means so much! and i just love being a missionary so much! it has blessed my life more than i could ever describe! its the best!
Have a great week and talk to you next monday
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

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