Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ames - 12/17/2012

Haha, So im Moms email this week she mentioned how in two weeks maren and jake would be married and she said "Yipes". It reminded me of the times where someone would tell a story and mom would reply "Yipes Stripes". Fun Times.
This week was an alright week. The work is so much diffrent here than anywhere else and we are still trying to get our minds and agendas around it haha. so not a whole lot to talk about this week. However, last night we went to a lady who isnt a member but she comes to church all the time and has been taught a bunch by missionaries. We went over with two younger guys in the ward and caroled to her. She has lived here in clifton for over 60 years and we were the first people to ever carol for her! it was real fun. We then talked on the porch for a little while and she invited us in and we talked about Clifton and some of the History and how she remembers her dad building her house. It was really fun. She reminds me alot of Grandma, She even likes Pigs!
No one mentioned anything this week about when to do phone calls, Kyle was thinking around 2 oclock which is 3 for the rest of us, if we dont here back i suppose thats what we will plan on. Remember we can also call for a couple minutes the day before to finalize plans.
I would just like to say how proud of my sister i am. There is no better place than the Temple and im so glad that you found an awesome Guy to take you there. I cant wait to hear all about wedding and all the memories that will come from that day for you guys. You guys better send a bunch of pictures!
Im so glad that we have the next 5 months to continue to serve the lord. Serving a Mission is by far the coolest/hardest/funnest/most rewarding thing I have ever done.
We get to go to the Temple this week. I got ahold of L. this last week and he will be going to the session this week. It will be the last time that I will see him for a couple years. Im so excited for him though.
I hope you all have a grand week preping for the Wedding, (Thats one thing im glad im missing ;) )
Love you all.
Elder Ettinger

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