Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Kyle - 1/8/2013

Dear Family,
Hey everyone!
So as you all know, this past week was one of the most stressful, but most happy weeks of my mission! Everything was in such a jumble! until our investigator showed up on time to her baptism (which i was worried about) then everything fell into place. The Relief society president made it to the baptism, and also a few other sisters in the ward what she had met. I was given the awesome privilage to be able to baptize her! I was super super nervous, and didnt wanna mess up the service at all. I ended up doing everything okay, except i didnt give her enough time to plug her nose before going under the water. So she came up coughing and i kinda felt bad afterwards. But it was alright.
The next sunday, our ward mission leader was suppose to do the confirmation. but he got sick and didnt come. So thats where i made my second mistake. Filled out the record for who was doing the confirmation, before it happened. So because our bishop ended up doing the confirmation,we had to fill out a whole new record. Which have to be SUPER precise! zero mistakes.
I am super happy that maren and jake had a good time on there honeymoon. i got wondering what mom and dad did for theres. But it sounds like dad bunged out again, like his first date playing tennis with mom. I think thats what you did right??
My P-days are still on monday. It was just a wednesday last week because of us going to the temple. Temple days turn into p-days. because they dont want us to have 2 in the week. makes sense.
We have a trunky meter on our whiteboard. i am honored to be in charge of the level of trunkiness of my companion. Last night he was clear up at a level 9. But now it is back down to a level 6 haha. He is really excited to get back home to see his family again.
Thanks for all of your prayers this past week! sure appreciate it! I hope everyone has a great week!! and we will talk to you guys next week!
Preach the good word to everyone!
Love, Elder kyle Ettinger

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