Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kyle - 1/14/13

Dear Family,
Man the past 6 weeks have gone way way fast!! it has for sure been one of my fastest transfers!!
 Something i wish i did in the beginning of my mission was mark a calendar for you guys of all the transfer dates. So you could keep track. Oh well, thats something i will do for my kids or something.
This past week was pretty uneventful because my companion was preping all of his things to be getting on the plane back to washington. He was really excited but also pretty nervous to go back home.
Almost forgot, i am going to be staying in the Maple ward, yet again!!!! haha its super nuts! that will be about 10 months, maybe 10 and a half by the time this next transfer ends! Time has gone SUPER fast in this ward! i am really nervous about who i will get for my next companion. I hope it is someone i know, but our mission is getting so many missionaries, i feel like i dont know anyone anymore.
Not to much to report about, thanks for ames' face. one of the elders put it over his face and walked out of the room into where i was sitting, and it totally tripped me out! haha because he called me a bunger, and i totally thought it was ames! the quality of those pictures were pretty awesome! Good job :)
ha something i thought was funny, is that elder q wasnt able to take his tote home or his guitar, so i am gonna babysit that stuff for him. Oh, and he also just gave me his car GPS, so i am pretty stoked about that.
Dad, i hope that you are feeling better from the ol shin scrape. I think i'd always get nervous jumping up from that rock to there driveway. pretty sure i've scraped my leg up doing that same thing! ha
Thanks for all the love and prayers! it really means alot!
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

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