Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Kyle - 12/17/2012

Good Morning family,
Thanks for the emails and neat stories about your guys' weeks. Sounds like everything is getting underway for marens wedding in less than two weeks!! Super nuts!
I cant believe that christmas came so so fast this year, its only 7 days away! I am excited to get your packages and what not, sure hope you enjoyed our christmas cards and the few things i send this year! I am just so focused on serving the lord this year! so fun!!
This past week elder q. and i got 4 new investigators and 5 new baptismal dates!! that brings our total gators with dates up to 8!!! So many compared to the past wards and work ive been involved in! The past two weeks have for sure been the happiest and most fun of my mission! I am starting to really have fun doing the work again, i sorta lost that fire later in my mission. But it is coming back, because i need to do all i can to finish strong.
We didnt make our 100 contacts this week, but we did get 79 which is still so much compared to what i usually get, and 50 of those were all done yesterday before and after church! Walmart parking lot and a statorbros parking lot (statorbrothers is like harmons grocery in cali.)
Let the work continue here in the maple ward!!! We sure a kicking butt here! and i am loving it so much!! i cant wait to talk to you guys on christmas!
mom thats cool that you got a new GPS watch, sounds really fancy! hope you figure out how to watch some tutorials and what not ha. You could track the route that you take when you guys do some running christmas light hunting.
Elder q. and i are planning on driving around a little bit to look at lights this year as well. We are so so stoked to be companions over christmas and new years.
Our zone is gonna watch the movie elf christmas eve. pretty cool
And we have our mission christmas devotional on the 21st this week.
Where i'll be able to see some of my friends from down the hill in san bernardino, and also the other desert zones. Way pumped!
Thanks for the love and support family! keep being happy and have a merry christmas!
Talk to you soon!!!
love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

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