Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ames - 1/22/13

Things are finaly starting to go uphill for us here in the middle of nowhere. ha. its about time!
At church on sunday two non members came to church with their friends. we introduced ourselves and thy were really nice people. After church the member came up to us and explained that she had invited them to meet with the missionaries to learn more and they accepted! so we are going to teach them the first lesson later in the week. i will be sure to update you on how that goes. Also, we had a rediculusly long ward council meeting (2 1/2 Hours! Dad how long were your ward council meetings when you were bishop?) on sunday where we created our Ward Mission Plan and assigned a buch of Auxilary Presidents to invite spesifc people to meet with the full time missionaries. Super Awesome! the ward has really stepped up to the plate with the missionary work. People are calling us for all sorts of things now. :)
For Pday yesterday we went off roading to find some old train Tunnels that are pretty close by our area. We went the wrong way a few times but it was a fun adventure. After we got out of this big wash we were bumpping along the train and blew the front right tire. Man was that loud! sounded like someone put one of those confetti poppers in my ear and pulled the string! ha. so we got that changed and made it back out. we have to drive on the spare for the rest of the week until we go to safford on Monday for some other appointments. After that whole episode we also found an old mining tunnel that we explored, turns out that it was only like 100 feet long, quite a dissapointment. We found the whereabouts of another one that is apperently better that we will try out next week. ha. This little town is awesome!

Dad will appreciate this next story, in ward council we were talking about a less active in the ward and what we all could do to help him out. after some talk we decided that we would set up a gold panning activity for the young men because one of this guys hobbies is gold panning!!! im deffinatly going with the YM on that activity! haha thats one thing that Elder P. and i talked about, as missionaries we can pretty much go to any activity that we want. Young mens, elders quorm, High Priests, you name it and we can pretty much go :)
I hope all else is going well with everyone!
Much love,
Elder Ettinger
Elder Ettinger and Elder Ettinger
Homemade Doughnuts... YUM!

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