Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ames - 1/8/2013

The last few days have been full of traveling, and its not over yet. On Pday we had to go down to the Gila Valley to pick up some medications and a doc appointment so we decided to just spend the whole pday down there and play sports with the other elders there since we dont get to have very much pday fun around these parts. (These parts ?!?!! im starting to talk like im from clifton!!!) Thats about a 40 minute drive each way. Today we had to go back because Elder P. had a return appointment for some blood work and an X-ray. So thats another 40 minutes each way. and then we have to go to silver city tomorrow for Zone meeting which is a 2 hour drive each way... Lots of car time this week. No Bueno. I think its funny that Dave laughed when he found out where i was serving. Most people do :) Because you mentioned the Dinero envolved ill give you some stats. So down in the mine there are these massive haul trucks that move the dirt around. (Kyle would love driving one of these two story buildings) the Tires are 12 feet tall and the cab of the truck sits 16 feet off the ground. The bigger trucks can haul around 350 tons but the mine overloads them to around 400 to get more dumps for their buck. We learned the other night that one load of dirt with come out to about $10,000 worth of copper and gold. NUTS! Its acutaly pretty cool talking to all the people here about the mine and all the processes it takes to go from dirt to pure copper. They use a TON of Sulphuric Acid. Bring it in on trains that have tons of cars. Pretty sweet.
     Im glad to hear that the Honney Moon went well. Pretty jealous about being able to swim with some sharks and jelly fish. Maren did you take any specimens back to the lab for some DNA research? Thats the question dad wanted to ask but didnt. haha Just kidding dad, love ya. (Seriously though)
     The work here is still going really slow. Trying to Rebuild some member trust so that they will be more helpful in the work. Its tough work though. We got a referal on our phone that we were super stoked on but it turns out that the house doesnt exist haha. You win some you lose some.
I hope all else is going great for you all.
Lots of love,
Elder Ettinger
Ps cant wait to launch some illegals!
pps. mom are you training for the Ironman too? if so that would have been nice to know! haha. Good luck on the 1/2 marathon.
ppps. I talked to my trainer former Elder S., he is pre engaged to a girl that was in the ward we served in together. Pretty crazy! They are getting married over the summer so ill be coming back to the Valley for that :)
pppps sounds like the elder Heads were a hit at the reception, iv allready had two letters where people commented on them haha.
ppppps also, it snowed a ton last week down south, we were helping to cut some trees with some other missionaries. :)

Snow in Clifton

The big mine trucks that are two stories tall!

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