Monday, September 3, 2012

Ames - August 20. 2012

So i cant belive that we are allready half way through the transfer! its going by so fast!
This last week has again been pretty slow, the missionary work up here in the north is so diffrent than the rest of the mission. NO ONE IS HOME!
So we have been trying to find diffrent ways to go about doing the work, trying diffrent approches and diffrent types of finding. Its getting hard and frustraiting. Still loving life though, Ifs funny how even though missionary work is really hard sometimes and other times you just want to not wake up and yet im still rather happy. Crazy what happens when you are in the service of the lord.
This morning we went to play some Frisbee Golf, it was going to be super fun but the course we went to was totaly flooded out, super lame. So we played a couple holes that didnt have water all over them and then Elder B. threw a disc into the water! ha it was only about ten feet out so he waded into the trecherous deep to retreive it. haha it was some pretty stinky water :)
 So we wernt able to get onto the computers at the library that are an hour length, so we had to use the 30 min ones, so im gonna send this like this just incase i cant get back on,
Love you all!
Elder Ettinger

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