Monday, September 3, 2012

Kyle - August 27, 2012

Hey family,
So i am pleased to say that the past week was a little better than the previous.
We were finally able to teach a lesson to our investigator, she is so awesome!
She gets so involved with our lessons, she asks alot of good questions, takes notes, and assigns herself homework for the week! Its way cool! She had a baptism date in the past but we will be setting a new date this wednesday! i am super excited! my first time ever extending a baptismal date to someone! ahh!!
I am super jealous that mom went on that elephant arch hike...haha yea right! just kidding mom, ames and i are a little older now, and i think we'd enjoy the hike. It would be better on a dirtbike though. You know me.
I wish ames and i could've been on bikes while you guys ran in zion NP! I love that place so much! alot of people in my mission go to zion for memorial day and labor day and what not. I wish i could just go with them, and then come back to my mission.
We were planning on going camping this weekend with our ward. But we didnt have the miles to drive to the location. It was at a place called blue ridge campground in wrightwood. in the mountains, you can look it up if you'd like. According to the ward report yesterday, sounds like we really missed out. oh well.
Thats really sad that brother norton died this past week, i remember going over there with brittan all the time. Good memories.
Thanks for all of the love and support you guys give me! it means alot!
It kinda makes me happy that you helped pay for the mission out of our own accounts, now i feel like i've contributed something.
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

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