Monday, September 3, 2012

Ames - August 27, 2012

I feel like our emails as of late, well at least my emails have been super duper boring and really short, Sorry about that.
This last week was similar to the last few, but we were able to get into two new less active homes and visit with them, That was super fun.
One of them is this really old cowboy that does team roping in rodeos alot and so he is always busy practicing, but he really wants to start coming back to sacrament meeting so we may see him show up in the next few weeks. Being a cowboy he is way into guns and so next time that we go over there im going to ask for some opinions on a starting handgun and see if i can check out a few of his guns. Also, guess what Elder R and I just joined... CHOIR! haha Kim would be proud, It was really really fun to go to practice yesterday after church, all the member were really excited that we added two more men to the group. The music we are singing in two weeks is fun, really easy but it sounds really good already. There is a lady that is going to be playing a violin with the song as well :) She played in church a couple weeks back and it reminded me of mom and maren playing in church :) 
Super excited about tomorow, we get to go over to the Gila Valley and go to the Temple!!! really excited for that as well as the fact that my trainer Elder Sims moved back to Thatcher to go to the Commuinty college there, so he will be coming to our temple session as well and will chill with us at lunch afterwards :) Should be super fun :)
I finaly remembered to bring my camera, so here are some pictures from the past few weeks, Elder S (My DL) and I hiked to the top of this mountain to kill a few minutes before dinner, i say hiked but i really mean walked up a short road :). Also we got to mess around in a Tractor the other day haha. that was fun. And whenever there is some Lightning i have to get at least one picture, this one turned out really really well.
Not a whole lot else to report on for this week,
Love you all!
Elder Ettinger

Tractor fun
Awesome lightning photo

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